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What do you find in Coursework Section?

Coursework 1# This Course starts with reading a part form the book "How To Teach English with Technology" and there are three listening parts that are related with my topic. In group of three, we discussed "Good to Great Teachers" with our related topic and we prepared a presentation via Power Point.

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Coursework 2# As a second activity, I have read articles about word processors and then I created my lesson plan which is Wedding Ceremony.
* According to my lesson plan, I created student worksheets and activity paper.
* According to my lesson plan, I created assessment tool such as rubric, check list, etc.

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Coursework 3# there are two internet sites given and I evaluated these two with the selection rubric of internet teaching material.  I listed the characteristics of these two website and I saved them in word format.

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Coursework 4#
  1.  I find a proper English text of my own interest.
  2. I revise it into a transcript for target grades.
  3.  I recorded an episode file that lasts approx. 5 min. on the given website podomatic.com ID: minkee@bilkent.edu.tr PW: podcast
  4.  I Peer-review an episode.
  5. If you want to see the detailed information, please click on http://minkee.podomatic.com//  

Coursework 5# we work in pairs and select two of the learning theories and search them on the internet.  After that, we prepared a 20-minute short debate presentation which includes cons and pros of each.

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Coursework 6# For this activity, we prepared a Webquest on a specific topic "bullying". In his Webquest, we created our account to begin and chose a template to write the information. There are different pages like Home, Activities, etc. each page has different activity and each page has different written formats and pictures.

Coursework 7# I created blog for the grammar topic  "Passive Voice". In thşis blog, you can see th information about the grammar rules, you can seethe separate activity page to do exercises. Besides, you can enjoy with different materials and find beneficial links to help you.

Click on http://saresengulblogentry.blogspot.com/

Coursework 8# For this Activity, I take an account for creating Wiki. we, as a group of three, searched and used a fable to teach by wiki format. There are fable itself, comprehension questions and activities about the fable.

Click on http://www.physhero.0fees.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Coursework 9# Again, I prepared a Power Point presentation on grammar topic"Adjectives". This time, I try to use all information that I have learned during the semester. I prepare more detailed presentation and I use different techniques while preparing.

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Coursework 10# For this assignment, I prepared a report based on a poetry class and how I can integrate technology to this lesson. I talk about the advantages of websites projects and  how I can prepare this website projects. Lastly, I discussed how website projects motivate students and help them to learn more.

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Coursework10#  This week, we (with my partner) created a video with the help of movie maker. We recorded our voice, found suitable images  and song for our main theme "Christmas".  As digital storytelling activity, we finished our video and post it on youtube. In the video, there is a story called "The Little Fir Tree" and there is a song called "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" by The Courtdown Kids.  If you want to watch this video, please click the link below:


For an activity, we prepared a puzzle with using the words in the story.

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Addition to video, we wrote a report which reflects the details about the video.

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Virtual Learning

To explain the virtual learning and to give seminar on this topic,we prepared a poster via Power Point and we created a blog entry that describe its characteristics.

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