Welcome to Sare Sengul's e-portfolio


  • I believe that education will gain the desire and ability of becoming happy and succesful people for their life.
  • I provide a suitable environment for the students to become independent and determined individuals for the society.
  • As one of the language teachers, I try to make the students to love English and to make them involve in English-based activities by using technology.
  • I will use new technology and teaching methods to be more beneficial for the students.
  • I will develop myself with discussing with other teachers and school administration.


  • I will help them to learn active English rather than to give specific rules of English.
  • I will reflect new technology integrated lesson plans and share them with the school.
  • I will use English as social contact and interaction tool for helping students' personal development.
  • I will provide support for the development of technology integrated units and possible chances for the students.
  • I will try to be good role model for leading the students to find their own correct ways.
  • I will try to teach international values and academic searches to enrich students' knowledge about English.